About Us

Sportmarket is a bet broker service operated by Ibramarket Ltd, Malta. The business was founded in 2004 and the mission has always been to provide the best odds and a great service to our clients, helping to make their sportsbetting hobby as profitable as possible.

Sportmarket is affiliated with several of the most respected gaming companies in the business and we only deal with licensed bookmakers that offers high bet limits and do not discriminate winning players. The main focus is on soccer and Asian Handicap as that offers the best value for our clients, but naturally you can bet on all sports and bet options offered.

Unlike other bet brokers and agents Sportmarket never lay any part of the bets, we only act as an intermediate between the players and the bookmakers. Our income comes from a small commission that we receive from the bookmakers regardless if a player wins or loses. Our main business is to serve clients wishing to place big bets, but as our system for referring bets is fully automated we can also accommodate smaller players. You can enter your bets directly from our website that shows the offer from our main bookmaker partner. With this bookmaker we can also offer a service for placing of larger bets at the odds shown then than what is available online. For very serious players we can set up dedicated accounts with various bookmakers so that you can still place your bets through an online interface, getting instant confirmation if the bet is accepted. You will still be able to use the same bankroll and move funds between your accounts just by notifying us.

Our latest service – Sportmarket Pro™ - is not to be missed and what all sports bettors have dreamed about and more information can be found on this site. By using this service you can bet at top odds from all connected bookmakers from a single account! Sportmarket Pro™ will prove to be the ultimate tool for turning your favorite hobby into a profitable one!